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Medical CFO Advisory Services 

The biggest challenges facing today’s physician are the practice of medicine and the business of the practice. Finances, for most physicians, top the list of concerns, and the ever-changing world of healthcare reform adds to this uncertainty and unease. The role of the practice manager now involves a variety of responsibilities and challenges well beyond one person’s skill set and work week.  As a result, many successful practices are utilizing accounting professionals to help assist their overworked practice managers, controllers and accounting staff to improve overall efficiencies and financial reporting.

At GPP, we understand your concerns when it comes to providing high-quality care for your patients in an environment where profits are rapidly eroding due to reductions in reimbursements.  Our professionals have the vision and experience to help you draft a strategic mission for your practice and improve profits and financial performance. We are unique in that we tailor our services specifically to your niche within the healthcare industry. We know that no two practices are alike.  The issues, key performance indicators and challenges of a cardiology practice, for example, vary widely from those of a family practice.  We make it our business to understand these differences and provide focused services for each medical specialty.  Below is an overview of some of the services we can provide:

  • Management reporting (revenue per patient, provider, insurance, etc.)
  • Profitability analysis
  • Practice benchmarking
  • Employee utilization study
  • Cost containment analysis
  • Physician compensation planning
  • Internal control analysis and design
  • Fraud testing, partner admission/retirement
  • Revenue cycle analysis and metrics
  • Accounts receivable efficiency study

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