Engaging With Consumers Via Mobile Apps

September 29, 2017

Almost everyone over the age of 15 owns a smartphone. Because of this, businesses are transforming the way they reach their clientele. In the healthcare industry, engaging with patients via their smartphones may be the next big marketing strategy.

In an article from Healthcare IT News, Joanna Gorovoy of Axway says, ““Mobile technology adoption has skyrocketed, along with the amount of time consumers spend on their mobile devices. And, with the emergence of smart devices – from virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa to wearables like Apple Watch – a significant opportunity exists for healthcare apps and services that are designed to be easily accessible via the devices consumers are already using on a daily basis”.

The article written by the Axway company discusses:

  • Consumer expectations
  • Empowering patient engagement
  • Enabling apps to access data

The article continues, “By facilitating access to information from across the care continuum, healthcare organizations can work together to provide the level of patient engagement that can have a positive impact on health outcomes”. Will your practice begin engaging with your patients on mobile apps?

To read more, see the full article from Axway in Healthcare IT News.

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