Machine Learning and the Future of Healthcare

August 25, 2017

Machine learning along with artificial intelligence and Big Data will soon enter the healthcare industry. While machines will not be taking jobs from doctors and nurses in the near future, they can be used to ease the workload and find solutions to problems that may arise.  

In an article from, author Allie Nicodemo writes, “One area scientist and physicians both consider ripe with potential is machine learning, an emerging field that is closely linked to artificial intelligence and Big Data. What robots, supercomputers, and algorithms lack in bedside manner, they make up for in the ability to sift through mountains of medical information”.

In this article, Nicodemo discusses:

  • Machine learning in the context of healthcare
  • How machine learning can transform the healthcare industry
  • Challenges facing healthcare

Byron Walla, assistant professor of computer and information science at Northeastern says, “I’m excited about realizing data-driven patient care and healthcare policies. I think machine learning will be key in getting us there”. Has your practice developed a need for more machine learning in the office?

To read more, see the full article in from Allie Nicodemo.

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